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50 Movie Pack Family Classics
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50 Movie Pack Family Classics
50 Movie Pack Family Classics

50 Movie Pack Family Classics

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Enjoy endless hours of family fun with fifty classic movies digitally re-mastered onto twelve DVDs. This classic collection features screen legends from Bob Hope and Gary Cooper to Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland; child prodigies like Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney; comedic masters from Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton to The Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello. Step back in time to cinema classics including, A Farewell to Arms, A Star is Born, Our Town, The Last Time I Saw Paris and The Inspector General.


* 12 DVD Disc set
* Region 0, NTSC
* Full Frame
* Audio - English

Complete List of Movies:

1. Til Clouds Roll By - A musical based on the life and times of composer Jerome Kern. Includes an all-star cast and the hit tunes of the era. Star: Judy Garland.

2. The Medicine Man - Jack Benny plays Dr. John Harvey, the worldly and none-too-honest title character, who while passing through a small town falls in love with winsome Mamie Goltz (Betty Bronson), the victim of what one observer described as the most abusive father in movie history. Star: Jack Benny

3. Disorder in the Court - The usual comic mayhem ensues when our irrepressible trio takes to the court as witnesses for their dancer friend who stands falsely accused of murder. The proceeding become anything but orderly when the stooges intervene, but in spite of al they somehow manage to save the day and find the real culprit. Star:

4. The Three. Malice in the Palace - The stooges run a bistro in the Middle East in this unlikely desert tale. A band of thieves informs our hapless trio that the Rootin� Tootin� diamond they stole, has in turn been stolen by the unscrupulous Emir of Shmo. Disguised as Santa Clauses, they follow the Emir to his compound in an effort to recover the fabulous gem. Starring: The Three Stooges

5. The Brideless Groom - Shemp is a lowly voice teacher who stands to inherit a fortune, but there�s a catch. To qualify for his inheritance, he must marry someone by six o�clock, but no girl wants to accept his proposal. Finally one of his extremely homely students accepts his hand in marriage, but when the rest of the prospective brides hear about his impending fortune they all show up at the ceremony and a free-for-all ensues. Star: The Three Stooges.

6. Let�s Get Tough - A rollicking film with a vaudeville turn yet, that keeps Fox on the go every minute and keeps emerging with new material all the time, featuring a haunted-house transition and a surreal conclusion at the conventicle of the secret society of saboteurs. Star: The East Side Kids

7. The Last Time I Saw Paris - Charles returns to Paris to reminisce about the life he led in Paris after it was liberated. He worked on "Stars and Stripes" when he met Marion and Helen. He would marry and be happy staying in Paris after his discharge and working for a news organization. He would try to write his great novel and that would come between Charlie, his wife and his daughter. Star: Elizabeth Taylor.

8. Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre is an orphan who was raised by her aunt until she came to Thornfield Hall as governess to the young ward of Edward Rochester. Jane is attracted by the intelligent and energetic Sir Rochester, a man of almost twice her age. But just when Sir Rochester seems to pay attention to her, he invites the beautiful and wealthy Blanche Ingram to stay at his house. Star: Virginia Bruce

9. A Star is Born - Esther Blodgett is a naοve rural ingenue trying to break into the movies. While serving guests at a Hollywood party, she is �discovered� by alcoholic star Norman Maine who gives her a screen test, and ensnares her in the Hollywood star making machine. She foolishly weds her idol, Norman, but his star soon fades into darkness. The film captures the ruthless cynicism of the Hollywood apparatus. Star: Janet Gaynor.

10. The Racketeer - Tough mobster Mahlon Keane practically runs crime in New York City. He meets broke ex-society girl Rhoda Philbrooke at a society fundraiser and helps her cheat her way to some winnings in poker. Rhoda needs the money to help nurse broken alcoholic concert violinist Tony Vaughan back to health. In between his criminal dealings, Keane takes up Rhoda's cause and helps promote Vaughan's return to public performance. Rhoda agrees to marry Keane but still harbors unrequited love for Tony Vaughan. Star: Carole Lombard

11. Managed Money - Mary Lou (Shirley Temple) teams up with her boy pals Sonny (Frank �Junior� Coghlan) and his sidekick played by Kenneth Howell. The tiny threesome decides to go panning for gold in an effort to subsidize Sonny�s fees at a military school that his parents cannot afford. Star: Shirley Temple.

12. Gulliver�s Travels (Animated) - Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and attempts to prevent war between that tiny kingdom and its equally-miniscule rival, Blefiscu, as well as smooth the way for the romance between the Princess and Prince of the opposing lands. In this he is alternately aided and hampered by the Lilliputian town crier and general fussbudget, Gabby. A life-threatening situation develops when the bumbling trio of Blefiscu spies, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, manage to steal Gulliver's pistol. Star: Jessica Dragonette

13. The General - Union solders have stolen The General, a Confederate train manned by Johnnie Gray, who was unable to enlist in the Confederate army because he is needed as an engineer. The Union plans to use the train to supply its soldiers in a sneak attack against the Confederates. But now it's up to Gray and his love, Annabelle Lee, to reclaim The General, re-cross enemy lines, and warn the Confederates. Star: Buster Keaton.

14. The Kid - Edna deposits her new baby with a pleading note in a limousine and goes off to commit suicide. The limo is stolen by thieves who dump the baby by a garbage can. Charlie the Tramp finds the baby and makes a home for him. Five years later Edna has become an opera star but does charity work for slum youngsters in hope of finding her boy. A doctor called by Edna discovers the note with the truth about the Kid and reports it to the authorities who come to take him away from Charlie. Star: Charlie Chaplin

15. Long John Silver - After the Treasure Island adventure, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, where he hears that rival pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor's daughter...and his young friend Jim Hawkins. Naturally, there's more to his rescue plan than meets the eye; he hopes to get a new ship and go back for more treasure... Star: Robert Newton.

16. The Scarlet Letter - At the end of the 17th century a headstrong, impoverished young society woman arrives in Boston where she weds an aging doctor. When she is swept into a tempestuous affair, the repercussions brand her as an outcast from society. Star: Colleen Moore

17. The Inspector General - Danny Kaye plays the illiterate stooge of two-bit medicine-show- entrepreneur Walter Slezak. Abandoned by Slezak, the starving Kaye wanders into a corruption-ridden Russian village, which is all geared up for a visit from the Inspector General. Mistaking Kaye for that selfsame royal inspector, the townsfolk fawn on the confused Kaye, granting him his every whim and plying him with all sorts of bribes. Star: Danny Kaye.

18. The Paleface - Evil oil barons have given the Indians one day to vacate their land. The Indian chief tells his braves to kill the first white man they see. Buster shows up chasing a butterfly. Later he keeps moving the stake to which he is tied and at which he is to be burned. He becomes one of the tribe and helps them with their fight. Star: Buster Keaton.

19. That Gang of Mine - A street kid has dreams of becoming a jockey. He gets his chance when he and his gang discover a poor old man who has a championship race horse. The man agrees to let the boy ride his horse in a race, but first the gang must get enough money to pay for the race's entry fees. Star: The East Side Kids

20. Son of Monte Cristo - In 1865, General Gurko Lanen is dictator of "Lichtenburg" in the Balkans. Rightful ruler Zona hopes to get aid from Napoleon III of France. The visiting Count of Monte Cristo falls for Zona and undertakes to help her, masquerading as a foppish banker and a masked freedom fighter. The rest is rapid-fire intrigue and derring-do. Star: Louis Hayward.

21. Captain Kidd - Capt. William Kidd is already a clever, ruthless pirate when, in 1699, he tricks the king into commissioning him as escort for a treasure ship from India. He enlists a crew of pardoned cutthroats...and Orange Povey, whom Kidd once abandoned on a reef and hoped never to see again. Of course, Kidd's intentions are treacherous. But there's more to gunner Adam Mercy than meets the eye. Star: Charles Laughton

22. The Time of Your Life - The movie version of William Saroyan's Pulitzer prize winning play about the various characters who populate Nick's Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace, which is actually a waterfront dive. Star: James Cagney.

23. A Farewell to Arms - A tale of the love between ambulance driver Lt. Henry and Nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I. Based against the sweeping backdrop of Italy, the fall passionately in love during the war and will stop at nothing to be together. The film explores the futility of war and the chilling effect it has on the emotions of those trapped in its web.Star: Gary Cooper

24. The Scarlet Pimpernel - Leslie Howard plays a dashing nobleman who saves aristocrats from death during the French Revolution by posing as a sissy. Star: Leslie How.

25. The Black Pirate - A silent swashbuckler with music track, produced & written by D. Fairbanks Sr. Fairbanks stars, as well, as the nobleman who joins a pirate gang to avenge his father's death. Outstanding action scenes mark this, one of the first features shot entirely in Technicolor. Star: Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

26. Little Lord Fauntelroy - Plucky Freddie Bartholomew is just about irresistible as the Brooklyn boy who becomes an earl. Melting hearts left and right, he wins over his crusty grandfather, becomes a philanthropist in a sailor suit, and fights the local toughs to prove he is NOT a sissy! C. Aubrey Smith seemed born to play the venerable old gentleman, although he relies a bit too much on acting with his monocle. Mickey Rooney stands out as the loyal Brooklyn shoeshine boy. Star: Mickey Rooney.

27. The Eagle - Vladimir Dubrouvsky, a lieutenant in the Russian army, catches the eye of Czarina Catherine II. He spurns her advances and flees, and she puts out a warrant for his arrest, dead or alive. Vladimir learns that his father's lands have been taken by the evil Kyrilla Troekouroff, and his father dies. He dons a black mask, and becomes the outlaw The Black Eagle. He enters the Troekouroff household disguised as a French instructor for Kyrilla's daughter Mascha. He is after vengeance, but instead falls in love with Mascha. Star: Rudolph Valentino

28. The Great Dan Patch - The story of the highest-earning harness racer in history is told through the family who owned it. Set against this backdrop is a stirring love story featuring the horse�s owner and the trainer�s daughter. Star: Dennis O�Keefe.

29. My Dear Secretary - Owen Waterbury, bestselling novelist, recruits aspiring writer Stephanie 'Steve' Gaylord as his latest of many secretaries. The stars in her eyes fade when she finds she is to work in his apartment, with a constant parade of eccentric visitors and slapstick provided by klutzy roommate Ronnie. Moreover, Waterbury's idea of work looks a lot like play, his interest less in books than in blondes. Star: Kirk Douglas

30. Royal Wedding - Fred Astaire and Jane Powell play a brother-sister dance team in Britain during a royal wedding. Contains some of Astaire's most unusual dance routines, including one number where he dances on the walls and ceiling. Academy Award Nominations: Best Song ("Royal Wedding"). Star: Fred Astaire.

31. Dora�s Dunkin� Donuts - Shirley Temple co-stars with Scottish comedian Andy Clyde in the unlikely tale of donut salvation. When the school kids� favorite donut shop faces bankruptcy and closure, a music class rallies to promote it on the radio. Starring: Shirley Temple

32. Our Town - Change comes slowly to a small New Hampshire town in the early 20th century. People grow up, get married, live, and die. Milk and the newspaper get delivered every morning, and nobody locks their front doors. Star: William Holden.

33. The Little Princess - In Victorian England little Sara Crewe's widowed father is sent to the Boer War. When he is reported killed the evil head mistress at her boarding school turns Sara into a servant. She suffers with dignity until her shell-shocked father returns. Star: Shirley Temple

34. My Favorite Brunette - Baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, on death row in San Quentin, tells reporters how he got there: taking care of his private-eye neighbor's office, Ronnie is asked by the irresistible Baroness Montay to find the missing Baron. There follow confusing but sinister doings in a gloomy mansion and a private sanatorium, with every plot twist a parody of thriller clichιs. What are the villains really after? Can Ronnie beat a framed murder rap? Star: Bob Hope.

35. Pardon My Pups - Shirley Temple stars as our hero�s adorable little sister, Mary Lou Rogers, in this charming comedy that features an infamous bedwetting scene. Star: Shirley Temple

36. The Big Trees - Tough lumbermen battle homesteaders for the control of a verdant forest valley. Spectacular scenery and fierce dramatic action typify this big screen production with staunch Kirk Douglas in the starring role. Star: Kirk Douglas.

37. Beyond Tomorrow - Melton, Chadwick and O'Brien, rich but lonely heads of an engineering firm, invite two young strangers to dinner on Christmas Eve. The two, James and Jean, fall in love and become friends with their three benefactors...until the latter are killed in a plane crash and come back to their old home as ghosts. In the coming months, true love encounters some rough spots; can ghostly O'Brien help the young folks? Star: Harry Carey

38. Sing a Song of Six Pants � The stooges are tailors and are heavily in debt to the Skin & Flint finance company. As luck would have it a bank robber ducks into their shop and leaves a suit to be tailored but forgets to take out a note that has a safe combination for the money he stole. After his girlfriend fails to retrieve the suit for him, the robber returns with his gang and a wild and wooly fight breaks out. Star: Three Stooges.

39. Flying Deuces � Oliver is heartbroken when he finds that Georgette, the innkeeper�s daughter he's fallen in love with, is already married to dashing Foreign Legion officer Francois. To forget her, he joins the Legion, taking Stanley with him. Their bumbling eventually gets them charged with desertion and sentenced to a firing squad. They manage to escape in a stolen airplane, but crash after a wild ride. Star: Laurel & Hardy.

40. The Blacksmith - Buster clowns around in a blacksmith's shop until he and the smithy get in a fight which sends the smithy to jail. Buster helps several customers with horses, then destroys a Rolls Royce while fixing the car parked next to it. Star: Buster Keaton

41. Africa Screams - When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking fellow bookseller Stanley knows a great deal about Africa they are abducted and ordered to lead Diana and her henchmen to an African tribe. After encounters with lion tamers, giant apes and a wild river, Buzz returns to America. Stanley finds diamonds and buys the store they once worked for, hiring Buzz as its elevator operator. Star: Abbott & Costello.

42. The Golf Specialist - In this WC Fields Classic, Fields stars in the role of J. Effingham Bellweather, a scam artist on the run from authorities who is hiding out in a Florida hotel. Bellweather takes us on a hilarious golf outing accompanied by the world�s worst caddy and the hotel detective�s flirtatious wife. Star: WC Fields

43. Father�s Little Dividend - Stanley Banks is finally recovering from his daughter's wedding when he learns she is going to have a baby. He is strongly opposed at first, and disputes arise between maternal and paternal grandparents. Star: Spencer Tracy.

44. The Dentist - WC Fields stars as a less than attentive dentist who has a most unusual assortment of patients. He engages in a round-the-office wrestling match with one of his female patients as he attempts to extract a tooth. A male patient has such a dense beard that Fields is unable to find his mouth, and uses a shotgun to flush out various birdlife form his patient�s oral cavity. Star: WC Fields

45. The Big Chance - With the help of his ever-faithful trainer, a professional boxer prepares for the biggest fight of his career. The pressure mounts as unscrupulous mobsters pressure him to throw the fight. Star: Mickey Rooney.

46. Kid Dynamite - EastSide boxing champion (Leo Gorcey) has been challenged to fight the West Side champ but is kidnapped before the match. Leo's friend (Bobby Jordan) takes his place and wins the fight only to have Leo think that Bobby was responsible for his kidnapping. Star: The East Side Kids

47. The Iron Mask - This silent movie epic containing the original organ score was written and produced by star Fairbanks, who plays the role of D'Artagnan, the musketeer who is committed to protecting the future king of France. Academy Award Nominations: Best Interior Decoration. Star: Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

48. The Lost World - Explorer Professor Challenger is taking quite a beating in the London press thanks to his claim that living dinosaurs exist in the far reaches of the Amazon. Newspaper reporter Edward Malone learns that this claim originates from a diary given to him by fellow explorer Maple White's daughter, Paula. Malone's paper funds an expedition to rescue Maple White, who has been marooned at the top of a high plateau. Star: Wallace Beery

49. Fatal Glass of Beer - WC Fields star as Chester Snavely, the errant son of a Yukon gold prospector who left for the big city and fell victim to temptation. Newly released from jail, he returns to the not so loving arms of his parents. This feature was widely acclaimed for the classic and hilarious looking out the door routine. Starring: WC Fields.

50. War Babies - Shirley Temple is in fine childhood form as a precocious French Miss with a talent for vamping and spinning stories. The toddlers are really up in arms when they find themselves doused in a torrent of milk. Star: Shirley Temple

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