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50 Movie Pack Tales of Terror

50 Movie Pack Tales of Terror

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Introducing a chilling compilation of fifty classic horror films ranging from gore fests like "I Eat Your Skin", "The Sadist" and "Vampire's Night Orgy", to classics like "The Head", "Tales from the Dark House" and "The Phantom of Soho". There are features old and new, classic and contemporary, to please horror fans of all tastes and ages.

Includes the following movies:

1. Amazing Transparent Man, The
Crazed ex-military officer Paul Krenner has dreams of world domination when he forces unwilling scientist Peter Ulof to do his bidding. Ulof must develop a process to induce invisibility though atomic radiation. With this in his armory, Krenner plans to create an invisible military force and sell it to the highest bidder. They break safecracker Joey Faust out of jail and make him invisible so that he can steal more radium. Then events take an unexpected turn. Runtime: 57 minutes

2. Ape Man, The
Dr. Brewster (Bela Lugosi) is working on a serum derived from gorilla spinal fluid and tests his experimental formula upon himself. Unfortunately, the serum transforms Dr. Brewster into a simian-like creature and he desperately attempts to find a cure. Only human spinal fluid will return him to normal but, Dr. Brewster uses some nefarious methods to extract his needed supply. Runtime: 1:04

3. Bat, The
A mysterious mansion holds secrets and terror for the owner and visitors alike in this thriller based upon a classic stage play. Cornelia Van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead) has taken up residence in an old mansion that was the scene of some mysterious deaths years ago. The recent owner of the mansion was a banker who had embezzled money and had hidden it somewhere in the mansion but, he was killed before he was able to retrieve it. Now it appears that someone is stalking the mansion to find the money and protect its secrets. Runtime: 1:20

4. Bowery at Midnight
A kindly university professor operates a soup kitchen with his daughter down in the bowery, helping those less fortunate than most. This persona is a cover for the professor's true activities, heading a criminal operation out of the basement of the soup kitchen with his gang committing robberies and murder, even having members of the gang eliminated if they fail. When one of the professor's students accidentally uncovers his secret, she is targeted for death to protect his criminal activities. Runtime: 1:01

5. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The
The arrival of a traveling carnival coincides with a string of mysterious deaths in a small German town. When the friend and romantic rival of one man is found murdered, suspicion falls immediately upon him. The man looks to prove he is innocent and begins to investigate the strange hypnotist and his somnambulist at the carnival, discovering a horrifying secret. Runtime: 1:07

6. Chloe, Love is Calling You
A young woman of mixed parentage lives in the bayou, raised by a black voodoo priestess who looks to avenge the death of her husband, lynched by an angry white mob. As the tension rises due to the evil plans of the priestess, the young woman finds herself torn between two cultures. Hoping to break free from the control of the woman who raised her, the young woman finds she must confront the priestess in order to save her own life, as well as those the priestess intends to harm. Runtime: 1:02

7. Condemned to Live
A small town is beset with a series of mysterious deaths that have the people terrified and the authorities baffled. The kindly doctor is concerned for his fellow citizens' safety for more than one reason. The doctor discovers his mother was bitten by a vampire bat while pregnant with him and he may be responsible for the rash of murders. Runtime: 1:07

8. Crimes at the Dark House
A deranged man murders another man in order to assume his identity and take over a recently inherited estate. Soon after arriving at the estate, the psychotic man finds he must continue his murderous tendencies in order to keep his charade from being exposed. As the number of victims increase along with his deepening madness, it becomes a matter of time before all is revealed and the man's true identity is exposed. Runtime: 1:09

9. Crimes of Stephen Hawke, The
Stephen Hawke is a moneylender whose compassion for his clients is only outshined by his devotion to his lovely daughter. What she and the rest of the public don't know is that Stephen Hawke is leading a double life. At night, he becomes "The Spine Breaker" a notorious killer with the habit of viciously killing his victims in the most horrible ways imaginable. Runtime: 1:09

10. Crypt of the Living Dead
An archeologist visits a remote island to bury his late father and, despite the warnings from the local people, opens the tomb of the vampire queen, buried over 700 years ago. This foolish act by the archeologist and his reporter friend places the entire island in danger, including the local school teacher that the two men are rivals for her affection. With the school teacher in danger of being a sacrifice to the vampire queen, the duo sets out to stop the vampires, rescue the teacher and destroy the vampire queen. Runtime: 1:25

11. Curse of the Headless Horseman
A young man inherits his uncle's western ranch and invites his friends to come along and help out with the operation. After arriving, the caretaker explains to the group the legend of the headless horseman who roams the area to seek revenge. Laughing off the legend as the ramblings of an old man, the group are then shocked when the phantom rider appears, causing the deaths of some of the group. Runtime: 1:15

12. Devil Bat, The
A chemist feels betrayed by the company owners who have profited from his discoveries. Seeking revenge upon the men, the chemist has bred a large vicious bat that will attack anyone covered with a particular cologne he's manufactured. After a series of deaths due to the bat, a reporter discovers the truth behind the attacks and sets out to stop the madman. Runtime: 1:08

13. Devil Monster
A ship disappears during an ocean voyage and everyone is presumed lost. When evidence points towards a survivor of the wreck, the sailor's mother organizes an expedition to locate her missing son. When the explorers find the missing man living on an island, they take him against his will in order to return him to his home. The consequences of their actions prove very costly for the explorers, when the sailor sets about their downfall for taking him away from his island paradise. Runtime: 1:04

14. Devil's Daughter, The
A young woman inherits a Jamaican plantation and moves from Harlem to Jamaica in order to take control of the operation. Her half-sister, who was running the plantation, has disappeared thus leaving the woman to manage things on her own. Unbeknownst to the woman, her half-sister plots to use the local legends and superstitions to her advantage, in order to scare the woman off and take control of the plantation. Runtime: 52 minutes

15. Devil's Messenger, The
Three macabre tales of terror are featured in this frightful thriller hosted by the incomparable "Mr. D" (Lon Chaney Jr.). A psychotic photographer is faced with a beauty that haunts his pictures and dreams in one tale. A scientist becomes obsessed with a frozen "Ice Princess" that leads to an unfortunate ending in another tale. Finally, a man fears his own death after a visit with a fortuneteller in the last of these horrifying stories. Runtime: 1:12

16. Devil's Partner
An old hermit makes a pact with the Devil and, in exchange for his obedience, is given restored youth and vitality. He returns to his hometown after assuming the identity of his own nephew and takes up residence in his former home. He begins a campaign of terror against those he feels will oppose him and sets his sights on a beautiful girl, causing harm and hardship to her fiancι in order to win her over. Runtime: 1:13

17. Evil Brain from Outer Space
A giant alien brain is leading its forces across the far reaches of space with the intent to conquer the universe. Arriving at Earth, the monstrous brain unleashes a horde of monsters upon the planet to spread disease and destruction. The Earth's only hope of survival rests with Starman, the hero from another world, who must use all of his awesome power to defeat the monsters and stop the alien brain. Runtime: 1:18

18. Ghost Walks, The
People stranded in a country house during a storm discover that the home was the sight of an unsolved murder years before. During a dinner discussion of the incident, the lights go out and, when they come back on, they discover that one of the guests has been killed. Fearing for their lives, the guests attempt to find out the secrets behind the death before others can occur. Runtime: 1:09

19. Hands of Steel
An international industrialist is determined to stop the interference of a world-leading ecological scientist. The industrialist hopes to continue his profitable, but environmentally unsafe practices, by sending his cyborg assassin to kill him. His plans take a turn when the cyborg's human side takes control and he refuses to kill the scientist, thus threatening to expose the evil man's enterprises. Runtime: 1:34

20. Head, The
In this macabre tale of science gone wrong, a scientist is successful in creating a serum capable of keeping a dog's head alive after the body dies. Before the scientist can take advantage of his new discovery, he suffers a fatal heart attack. His assistant uses the formula to keep the scientist's severed head alive in an attempt to transplant the head of the beautiful, but hunch-backed, nurse to the body of an exotic dancer. Runtime: 1:37

21. Ironbound Vampire, The
During World War II, a wounded American GI is attacked by a vampire, transforming him into a member of the undead. Returning from the war, the transformed GI takes up residence in New Jersey, where he begins to feast upon local residents to sustain his continued existence. With all the unsolved murders and disappearances in the area over the past 50 years, a detective and a local physician team up to solve the mystery and expose the killer responsible.

22. Island Monster, The
An undercover government agent arrives on an Italian island in order to assist a wealthy businessman rescue his daughter. The daughter has apparently been kidnapped by a drug-smuggling ring in order to keep the authorities at bay. Once the agent begins working on the case, he discovers that not everything is as it seems and he must take steps to prevent the daughter's death as well as his own. Runtime: 1:25

23. Long Hair of Death, The
A woman is put to death after being accused of witchcraft. Her daughter confronts the man who accused her mother of the crime and discovers the true reason for the accusation, but loses her life in doing so. The youngest daughter is taken in by the man's family and is raised by them, with the intent to marry her off to the man's son. When the girl comes of age, her deceased sister returns to exact her revenge upon the family. Runtime: 1:40

24. Man with Two Lives, The
A young man, recently engaged to be married, is the victim of a traffic accident and dies as a result of his injuries. His father, desperate to revive his son, agrees to let a scientist friend try his experimental soul transmigration process to save him. After the young man returns to life, the father and fiancee notice a dark and violent change in the young man's behavior, leading them to believe something went horribly wrong in the revival process. Runtime: 1:05

25. Manos: The Hands of Fate
In this macabre tale of a trip gone horribly wrong, an innocent family becomes lost and find themselves at a remote farmhouse. The only apparent resident of the property is a strangely deformed man named Torgo, who insists he is watching the place for "The Master". What our travelers don't know is "The Master" and his demon-worshipping wives have awakened from their slumber to prey upon them for their sacrifices. Runtime: 1:14

26. Manster, The
An American reporter traveling in Japan stops to meet and interview a reclusive Japanese scientist at his mountain laboratory. The scientist greets the curious newsman and, after getting to know him, concludes the reporter is the perfect test subject for his latest experiment. After injecting the reporter against his will, the scientist discovers his serum changes the man into a hideous two-headed creature. Runtime: 1:12

27. Midnight Shadow
Margaret Wilson is the daughter of a well-respected small town family, who is courted by local man Buster Barnett and a traveling carnival mentalist, Prince Alihabad. When Margaret's father turns up dead after showing his oil well deed to his daughter's suitors, she decides to track down her father's killer herself. Hiring a private investigator and his bumbling assistant, the three set out to bring the murderer to justice. Runtime: 52 minutes

28. Murder in the Red Barn
Based upon a true story, a small English town is the setting of a love triangle involving Squire Corder, the gypsy Carlos and young Maria Marten. While Maria is smitten with Squire Corder, the son of a rich businessman, she has attracted the attention of the roguish gypsy Carlos. When Maria disappears after entering the Red Barn, suspicions fall upon both men as to what indeed happened to her. Runtime: 1:10

29. Never Too Late
An unscrupulous squire plots to have a young woman for his own by framing her fiancι for a crime. The innocent man is sent off to prison where he must endure terrible punishment and hardships at the hands of a cruel warden and prison guards. The young man's one hope is to have is innocence revealed, thus freeing him to return to his loving fiancee and his rival brought to justice. Runtime: 1:10

30. Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The
An unstable English Lord, who mourns his deceased wife, frequents clubs looking for redheaded women to take to his home for some bizarre activities. He eventually meets and marries a woman he hopes will drive away the demons from his tortured mind. Unfortunately, other forces are at work to drive the nobleman insane and spread terror throughout the household. Runtime: 1:43

31. Night Fright
A Texas community is beset with a rash of mysterious killings involving some of the students from the local college. The sheriff investigating the death discovers the startling identity of the killer responsible for the murders. A NASA experiment involving cosmic rays has mutated an ape and turned it into an unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for blood. Runtime: 1:15

32. Night of the Blood Beast
An astronaut dies while returning from a mission and his body is recovered by the military. The base where the dead astronaut is taken to becomes the scene of a bizarre invasion plan from outer space. Alien embryos inside the dead astronaut resurrect the corpse and begin a terrifying assault on the military staff in the hopes of conquering the world. Runtime: 1:02

33. One Frightened Night
An aging eccentric millionaire gathers his heirs and informs them that he intends to give his fortune to his granddaughter, if she appears before midnight, otherwise the five of them will split the estate. Two women arrive claiming to be the long-lost granddaughter, which upsets all of the other relatives. When one of the women ends up dead, suspicion falls upon everyone who potentially would benefit form the elimination of the other heirs. Runtime: 1:06

34. Phantom Creeps, The
Dr. Alex Zorka (Bela Lugosi) is the creator of several wondrous devices that a former partner asks him to contribute to the U. S. Government, but he decides to use for his own benefit and ultimately world domination. With foreign spies desperate to get their hands on Dr. Zorka's inventions, the U.S. Government sends in Captain Bob West of the Military Intelligence Department to find the doctor and stop both him and the spies before either can use the devices for their evil purposes. Runtime: 1:18

35. Phantom of Soho, The
Residents and visitors of the Soho district in London are terrified due to a series of brutal murders near a prominent nightclub. A killer wearing a horrifying skull mask and golden gloves has been murdering patrons of the Zanzibar. Scotland Yard is desperate to discover the secret behind the murders and find the killer before another victim falls at his hands. Runtime: 1:32

36. Rogues Tavern, The
A collection of travelers has gathered at the Red Rock Tavern, an old hotel, during a thunderstorm. All arriving for different reasons, the group is suddenly drawn together by the murder of one of the guests. Two store detectives staying at the hotel try to solve the case as other bodies turn up and the terror increases with each passing moment. Runtime: 1:37

37. Sadist, The
Three travelers end up with more than just car trouble when they seek refuge at an auto yard while their vehicle is being repaired. It turns out the auto yard is the home of a deranged psychopath and his equally brutal girlfriend. This demented couple takes pleasure in physically and psychologically torturing their unsuspecting guests, with the hope of using their car to further their heinous activities. Runtime: 1:35

38. Scared to Death
A woman who was literally frightened to death narrates the story of how she arrived at her untimely demise. The woman is shown going through a series of circumstances that begin to wear down her psyche and drive her to madness. A lengthy line-up of suspects for the person responsible for her death has the police baffled. Runtime: 1:05

39. She-Beast, The
In the 18th Century, a terrible witch is punished by the townspeople she terrorized by being drowned in a lake. Two hundred years later, a newlywed couple is driving near the lake when their car crashes into the water. The husband comes to the surface unharmed but his young bride emerges from the water possessed by the spirit of the witch, looking for revenge upon the descendents of the townspeople who had killed her. Runtime: 1:14

40. Shock
A psychiatrist argues with his wife and, in a fit of rage, kills her. The psychiatrist discovers that the crime was observed by his neighbor and fears she will report him to the authorities. After the woman is unsuccessful in convincing her husband of what she saw, the psychiatrist approaches him and says she needs psychiatric treatment and she should be placed under his care. Runtime: 1:10

41. Sound of Horror
A group of archeologists is exploring mountains in a remote part of Greece when they stumble across an unexpected find. While blasting away the rock to find the hidden treasure, the explorers awaken a prehistoric creature with the power of invisibility. Only the shrieking cries of the approaching monster give its victims any warning to their terrifying fate. Runtime: 1:31

42. Strange Adventure, A (1956)
A young man with a passion for hot rods and pretty girls finds himself in trouble when he gets mixed-up with some criminals. A pretty border at his mother's motel talks our hero into a drive that ends up as a part of her gang's armored car robbery. Forced to drive them to a remote cabin to hide from the police, our hero must think of a way to save he and his fellow hostages and foil the plans of the bank robbers. Runtime: 1:08

43. Tales of Frankenstein
In this unsold television pilot from the 1950's, Dr. Frankenstein has recreated his creature, but wishes to correct his previous mistake. He wishes to prevent his creation from any further murderous rampages by placing the brain of a good man inside the skull of the monster. The arrival of a woman and her terminally ill husband offer the doctor an opportunity to try his new theory. Runtime: 30 minutes

44. Teenage Zombies
A group of teenagers becomes stranded upon an island, through the manipulations of a foreign scientist conducting experiments on the remote isle. It seems the scientist is trying to develop a nerve gas, which will change its victims into easily controlled zombies. Our teens hope of surviving rests with their friends and the sheriff, who have come to the island in search of the missing youths. Runtime: 1:13

45. Terror Creatures from the Grave
An attorney travels to his client's castle to conduct some business where he learns upon arriving the client died almost a year ago. The client's widow and daughter then tell the attorney an incredible tale of how the owner was able to revive the spirits of long-deceased plague victims and how his spirit roams the halls of the castle. Doubting their story, the attorney begins to reconsider when a rash of mysterious deaths occur at the castle. Runtime: 1:25

46. Torture Ship
A doctor working on his experiments to cure the criminal mind takes extreme measures in order to continue his research. The doctor purchases a boat, loads his equipment and patients on board and then sets off on the ocean to complete his treatments. Things don't go as planned for our nefarious physician concerning his patients' rehabilitation. Runtime: 57 minutes

47. Vampire's Night Orgy
A busload of travelers must stop in a small European village after their bus driver suffers a heart attack. The local villagers seem friendly at first but strange events stir up suspicion in the travelers. Eventually, the travelers uncover the truth behind their hosts and find they have stumbled upon a village inhabited by vampires. Runtime: 1:49

48. Walking Nightmare, A
When a banker turns up missing, former detective Nick Trayne is brought in on the case to find him. When the banker turns up but appears to be in a trance, Trayne must now try to find out what happened to the banker. A household full of suspects makes for a tough case that our crack detective must solve and bring the culprit to justice. Runtime: 1:01

49. Werewolf of Washington, The
An ambitious young reporter and his girlfriend are traveling in Hungary, when a wolf attacks him. Returning to Washington D.C. with his girlfriend, who is the President's daughter, he talks the job of Press Secretary for the President of the United States. When some recent acquaintances turn up murdered by some vicious beast, the young man comes to realize the wolf he killed in Hungary was actually a werewolf. Runtime: 1:29

50. White Gorilla, The
A rare white gorilla is shunned by the rest of the gorillas due to its unique nature and is forced to live a life of solitude. The time alone makes the gorilla hate all other primates and turns it into a murderous monster. A final confrontation between the white gorilla and his former tribe's leader will decide the fate of all of Africa. Runtime: 1:02


* 12 DVD's, NTSC, Region 1
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